Working with The Bright Eyed Explorer

Let's work together and create some magic

I’d like to work with like minded travel people in a fair exchange of words, wisdoms, photography and travel ideas. 

If you are a travel blogger and you want me to consider featuring you or placing your content on my site drop me a line

I am also very interested in having my work featured on your travel blog so lets do a deal. 

Also, happy to organise meet ups if you’re in Melbourne (or wherever in the world I may be).  Facetime/WhatsApp/Skype sessions worldwide.

Ok so it is my (and a gazillion other peoples) ultimate dream to travel the world whilst being paid for doing the things I love: travel, photography & writing.

Yeah yeah a lot of other people are just as good, maybe better than me, but are they a funny, left of centre, 40 something Australian female solo traveller who loves loads of different experiences and misadventures? Where I am different from the others is that.. I am different..

If you dig my work, love my photos and want me on board to write objectively about your destination, hotel, company, adventures, restaurant, bar, etc then contact me. 

If my photography work catches your eye and you’d like to use it professionally on your website, magazine, blog, book, newspaper, document, or anything that art can be reproduced in, then please contact me

Perhaps you are a travel blogger and need someone to tail you taking photos while you do your business of travel blogging. 

If you’d like photography work for framing then please note that I only provide the artwork. I offer fair deals on my artwork that does not break the bank.  

If you know I am travelling to a location both in Australia and overseas and you’d like for me to take a shot of something specific then let me know and I will see if it is on my itinerary and can fit in your request.

Its all great taking photos of the lovely places when you are on holidays, but if you’re not in the photo were you really there?  Yes there’s selfies and selfie sticks but while the former may produce a great angled photo of you it will likely crop out the background. And the latter? Sorry but selfie sticks are a bit lame!

This is where I come in.  If you’re in Melbourne you can book me for a few hours or a day and I can follow you around, show you some sites and give you a bit of history of Melbourne all whilst taking some beautiful and creative shots for your perfect holiday album.

If you’re not in Melbourne, I may be willing to travel to country Victoria for the cost of petrol. Interstate or overseas, you can book me too, I am sure we can do some kind of deal.

Can you afford me?

Yes! of course you can. While I don’t work for free as I am guessing that you don’t either, things can be negotiated so just ask.

If you like my work then please don’t pinch it. It has taken me a lot of money, hard work, study, research, hours, coffee and annoying my friends to produce this stuff. Asking goes a long way in my book.

Besides, you never know what I will do for travel and adventure so don’t be afraid to just ask.

What The Bright Eyed Explorer wont do...

Look, there is not much I wont do, I am pretty much an all in kind of person. That being said, I do have a moderate fear of heights so jumping out of planes and the like is a no go. As are bugs and spiders dead or alive. Arachnophobia is real people!!

Other than that, I’m in unless I morally, ethically and professionally do not agree with what you do.

Want to learn all about the travel blogging business?

Join successful travel blogger and photographer, Kristin Addis from ‘Be My Travel Muse’ on her very comprehensive ‘Travel Blog Accelerator’ 6 month course. I’ve completed the course and have worked with Kristin in the past, I cannot recommend her course enough!


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Enjoy x