So who is the Bright Eyed Explorer?

Hi I’m Shae… 40 something Australian female. Part rock chick, part urban hippie, massive dreamer, a lazy creative, a lover of laughs! I have huge passion for travel, photography and writing so have mashed all those loves together to create this blog.  I also like wine, champagne, and beer (sometimes too much). Oh and cheese! All the cheeses of the world please! And coffee… Strong Melbourne coffee! Oh my!!

But, nothing excites me more than travel.  The thrill of being strapped into my seat, just as the plane takes off to a new travel destination is so exhilarating. All the planning, budgeting, preparation, research and dreaming keeps me alive with the anticipation of adventures to come, of the unknown, of sometimes throwing all planning out the window to see where I end up and of course, all the new people I am about to meet.

Over the years I’ve travelled extensively around Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Ireland, UK, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, Norway and New Zealand and its all been so much fun. sometimes I’ve travelled with friends, exes, and family, but mostly I travel solo. I’ve totally been bitten hard by the travel bug so my bucket list grows and grows on a daily basis and is now so chockers full of future travel destinations and adventures that I struggle to pick where next.

You’ll often find me with my trusty DSLR in hand, headphones on snapping away at some beautiful landscape or monument or bunkered down in a café or bar having a drink lost in the process of writing about my latest adventure or editing photos.

I live for travel, fun times, exploration, adventure, creativity and putting myself totally out of my comfort zone. We do of course only have one life to live so why not make it the best… how inspirational Shae!!

So what you’ll find on my site is a collection of my best travel photography work and a bunch of travel stories that is written from my perspective, a no nonsense, no wank, completely honest, sometimes reflective and personal, warts and all account of my adventures and misadventures (My nickname IS Shae-nanigans after all). I do tend to swear a bit (hey I’m an Aussie ok!). I also tend to waffle but I think a good story is one that takes time and good detail to tell.

Along the way I will also conduct some interviews with like minded travel nuts to share their stories as well as some really handy travel hints, destination reviews and information I have picked up along the way. It’s not all about solo travel. Sometimes I bring my friends, and often strangers along for the journey.

So pull up a chair, take a seat and strap yourself in as you join me as I roam around the world and document my adventures….

S  xx


Why is she doing all this travel writing stuff?

Why the bloody hell not?

I know there are a lot of travel blogs out there, and that is awesome! Its so great that there is such a diverse community of people willing to share their travel experiences online.  I am excited to be in such great company.

I am taking a chance on something that I am REALLY passionate about. Travel is something I have loved ever since I was a kid (check out my first ever post Where the hell is Paraburdoo? – My humble beginnings as a traveller) and it is something I have always done. Friends and family tell me I am a good writer (thanks guys, really!) and I love taking photos, so why not combine my love of all three to produce this site.

Who knows who will read it, I hope many. But if only a few of you stick around but I keep you entertained, well then that really will make my heart sing.

But now for a bit of serious stuff.

My darling mum passed away earlier this year after a 2 year battle with ovarian cancer.  There will be stories that come up on the blog that will be about her and travel. I can’t not mention how much my mum impacted my life and the lessons that she taught me. As a fiercely independent woman, it was mum that gave me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and strive to make a difference by doing something that makes me really happy. Throughout her life, her journey over the last two years and even now in her death, she is my biggest inspiration, mentor and motivator.

So mum. I am bloody well doing it ok. Yes that kick up the arse you gave me was a good one, this is actually happening.

So, why are you here?

You’re excited about travel right? Me too!
You love photography? Me too!
You love reading an engaging story? Yep, you guessed it, me too!

So where do you, me, this site and travel fit in?

  • Travel inspires you, motivates you, keeps you sane and you want to read all about it?
  • Maybe you’re looking for information about a travel destination and/or holiday planning?
  • You’ve not yet found the courage to travel solo and want to know how to bite the bullet and just get out there?
  • You could be a solo traveller, couples traveller, friends traveller or group traveller.
  • Perhaps you’re new to travel and looking for ideas and information or you’re an experienced traveller and are here to compare notes?
  • It could be that you’re just looking for a good read while travelling to and from work or whilst you’re travelling the world?
  • Maybe you want to collaborate, travel with or work with me? (If so, great, tell me more! Work with me)
  • Maybe you want to book me for photography work or you’re after some delicious travel photography to inspire you on your travel decisions? (Again.. You know the deal, great, tell me more! Work with me)
  • Well that is all here, and much much more.

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Enjoy x